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innovation through collaboration

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UnBox Collective is a UK-based Limited Company that focuses on the sheer power of human inspiration and collaboration as the true value of innovation. The collective is built on both traditional and non-traditional collaboration models that range from local to global thinkers which are developed specifically to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking.


Upcoming Events

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As a collective, we are always pursing opportunities to support the art and culture, start-up and entrepreneurship community through sponsorship and events,



From Career Planning to more focused topics that relate to creativity, motivation, innovation, and leadership, we run a wide range of workshops with partnership with different entities that share our vision and goals for empowering and unleashing the potential of the youth.


training programs

A series of globally renowned cutting-edge training programs, focused on the c-suite and leaders of organizations across industries looking to create, revise, refocus this corporate vision, or boost the collaboration and efficiency of their leadership strategies and key players in their teams.